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A Promise

R8,700.00R14,850.00 - A band of colours, as seen in a rainbow, ignites within the heart a sense of hope, peace, and anticipation to reconcile that which was lost.

All That Is

"All That Is" - 2014 - liquid flow in a glass. It formed part of my third solo exhibition, "Soul Food", 15-28 July '15, in Statuto13 Gallery, Milan, Italy.

Always Dream, Even When Awake

"Always Dream, Even When Awake" - 2014 - reflections.

Behold The New I

"Behold The New I" - 2015 Statement: Do not earnestly remember the former things, neither consider the things of old. The action of climbing requires you to take the next step, which means moving away from the one you are on. Description: Sunlight refracting.

Bird of Paradise

R8,700.00R14,850.00 open to new possibilities and seek your freedom wherever you can find it. Explore the world with a sense of optimism and excitement.


Life is a wondrous mystery. What brightens it up is precious, whether we can see it in a microscope or not.

Catch A Star

R8,700.00R14,850.00 Creation in correlation with our own creation. Light comes in and highlights an area in your life. The cleansing and healing properties of water wash away the deceptions and you realise that you have not been living to your full potential. The object has now become the subject. Micro inspection reveals the truth, ie. that there is more potential in you than you were led to believe. Life begins to birth life into you. You realise YOU ARE and then there is rest. The creation process begins again.


"Celebrate!" - 2015 - lamp.