Artist Statement

artist, photographic artist, portrait of an artist, windblown hair,

Photography gives me the freedom to express my inner world in a way that  makes it possible to share with you.

I strive to capture love, joy, peace and hope, because these are the true measure of wealth and I am an eternal optimist.

All my work is based on thought and spiritual consciousness. I believe that maintaining your inner world is vital because when the time comes, and it will come, what you find within will determine how you move forward.

Art is essential because it reminds us that there is a bigger picture, ie. it’s not just about you and me, it’s about us. And we must do what we can to make our mark (love, joy, peace, hope), however small, on the large canvas of life. 

 Life is a succession of journeys and lessons learnt, and my sincere wish is that the artworks will touch your soul and inspire you.

– Kleoniki Vanos.

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